sensor, Trigas Alarm

(per stuk/p.p.) Linnepe

sensor, Trigas Alarm
sensor, Trigas Alarm
sensor, Trigas Alarm
sensor, Trigas Alarm
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Manufacturer Linnepe
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Optional additional sensor – for all-round safety

Do you want even more security for quiet nights in your motorhome? You can connect a second sensor to the Linnepe gas detector. This has the same strengths and functions as the sensor installed in the TriGasAlarm. While the main device, the gas detector itself, is installed near the floor, install the additional second sensor at a height of 10 cm below the ceiling. This means you are equally protected against falling and rising gases and enjoy a very high level of reliability.

Product information
  • supplier: Linnepe
  • Supplier article number: 303410
  • barcode (EAN):
  • length of the cable: 2 meters
  •  packaging: bag with top card (without D-eye)
  •  own weight: approx. 0.92 kg.


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